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Allowdale Herefords Sales: very strong market for Pedigree Hereford Heifers , both domestic Market and Export market.

Pedigree Hereford Bull Sales have been strong throughout the year with noticeable change in perception of the breed and a more astute and demanding purchaser.

Allowdale Sultan wins Supreme Hereford Champion at Kilmallock Allowdale Sultan - Supreme Hereford Champion


First Export of embryos : Ballyaville Secunda dam of Allowdale Sultan embryos exported to Canada         2012 ET Calves on the ground with XTC Herefords now XTC Ranches 


April 2013 Export of cattle:

1 bull to Northern Ireland: Allowdale Sovereign                                           

April 2012 Export of cattle:

1 heifer to Northern Ireland: Pallas 1 Simba Binnie                                            3 heifers to Kazakhstan

April 2011 Export of cattle:                

4 heifers to Northern Ireland Allowdale Sunbeam, Allowdale Buttercup, Allowdale Margo, Allowdale Binnie

3 heifers and 1 Bull to Kazakhstan


April 2010 Export of cattle : 

 4 heifers to Northern Ireland Allowdale Amaryll, Allowdale Benison, Allowdale Curly Venus, Allowdale Miss Tribute



Oct 2011 - Cows Purchased U.S.A.



 STAR KCL COSMIC FORCE 26Y ET purchased from Star Lake sale


Nov 2010 Canadian Embryos on the ground:




GH MISS DIFFENY 216S (GAH 216S) by GH RAMBO 279R ,                               














Sep 2010 - Cow Purchased Canada


 WATERGROVE TRICIA 17N ET 509T purchased from Hirsche dispersal sale



Hereford Bull Sale Report for 2011

Allowdale Liston (22/02/10) Sold, Allowdale Sugar Ray (02/04/10) Sold

Allowdale Wyatt Earp (19/04/10) Sold

Allowdale Tatonka (21/04/10) Sold

Allowdale Ceasar (08/05/10) Sold, Allowdale Joe Lewis (09/05/10) Sold

Allowdale Calzaghe (01/04/09) Sold, Allowdale Done Deal (03/04/09) Sold

Allowdale Marciano (08/04/09) Sold, Allowdale Centurion (10/04/09) Sold

  Allowdale Dallas (14/04/09) Sold, Allowdale Eclipse (17/04/09) Sold

Allowdale Pharlap (23/04/09) Sold, Allowdale Bula (26/05/09) Sold

Allowdale Foreman (02/07/09) Sold, Allowdale Cruz (03/07/09) Sold

Allowdale Frazier (05/07/09) Sold, Allowdale Queensberry (12/08/09)  Sold

Allowdale Pugilist (17/08/09) Sold, Allowdale Ali (23/08/09) Sold

Allowdale Floyd (27/08/09) Sold

Allowdale Longfellow (02/10/09) Sold, Allowdale Woodsman (05/10/09) Sold

Allowdale Red Baron (07/10/09) Sold, Allowdale Spartacus (10/10/09) Sold

Allowdale Manna (10/10/09) Sold, Allowdale Chanteur (18/10/09) Sold

Allowdale Octavian (20/10/09) Sold, Allowdale Galileo (28/10/09) Sold

Allowdale Alberta (15/11/09) Sold, Allowdale Undugu (20/11/09) Sold

Hereford Bull Sale Report for 2010

Allowdale Troytown (08/11/08) Sold

 Allowdale Obama (12/11/08) Sold, Allowdale Batavia (07/11/08) Sold

Allowdale Dante (26/09/08) Sold, Allowdale Hilltop (26/09/08) Sold

Allowdale Commando (26/09/08) Sold, Allowdale Hot Shot (31/08/08) Sold

Allowdale All-for-Luck (28/08/08) Sold, Allowdale Trigo (21/08/08) Sold

Allowdale Hyperion (02/08/08) Sold, Allowdale Espartano (11/06/08) Sold

 Allowdale Giovanni (21/05/08) Sold , Allowdale Meringo (20/04/08) Sold 

Allowdale Jesse James (02/03/08) Sold, Allowdale Valentine (14/02/08) Sold

Allowdale Tatonka                       Sire: Yarram Star General W251(YSG)

DOB:21 April 2010                   Dam: Border Sunbeam V35

Allowdale Tatonka Euro-Star Index (ICBF)

Allowdale Tatonka

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Allowdale Wyatt Earp                      Sire: Bowmont Storm A584 (WMO)

DOB:19 April 2010                   Dam: Grianan Grianan-Orange E370

Allowdale Wyatt Earp Euro-Star Index (ICBF)

Allowdale Wyatt Earp

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Allowdale Sugar Ray                       Sire: Badlingham Boxer

DOB:02 April 2010                     Dam: Westwood Lady Pearl 61st

Allowdale Sugar Ray Euro-Star Index (ICBF)

Allowdale  Sugar Ray

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Allowdale Liston                                   Sire: Badlingham Boxer

DOB:22 February 2010                   Dam: Cherrydene Curly A4

Allowdale Liston Euro-Star Index (ICBF)

Allowdale Liston

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Allowdale Calzaghe                         Sire: Badlingham Boxer

DOB 01-Apr-2009                           Dam: Trillick Margo

Allowdale Calzaghe Euro-Star Index (ICBF)

Allowdale Calzaghe
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Allowdale Done Deal              Sire: Badlingham Boxer

DOB: 03 April 2009               Dam: Allowdale Emma Sheila

Allowdale Done Deal Euro-Star Index (ICBF)

Allowdale Done Deal

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Allowdale Marciano                          Sire: Badlingham Boxer

DOB: 08 April 2009                         Dam: Border Pansy D19

Allowdale Marciano Euro-Star Index (ICBF)

Allowdale Marciano

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Allowdale Centurion                    Sire: Badlingham Boxer

DOB: 10 April 2009                     Dam: Free Town Donation

Allowdale Centurion Euro-Star Index (ICBF)

Allowdale Centurion

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Allowdale Dallas                        Sire: Free Town Baron (FTO)

DOB:14 April 2009                    Dam: Ballyaville Patsy

Allowdale Dallas Euro-Star Index (ICBF)

Allowdale Dallas

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Allowdale Eclipse                    Sire: Free Town Baron (FTO)

DOB:17 April 2009                  Dam: Ballyaville Rosabel

Allowdale Eclipse Euro-Star Index (ICBF)

Allowdale Eclipse

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Allowdale Pharlap        Sire: Yarram Star General W251 (YSG)

DOB:23 April 2009                    Dam: Free Town Beneficial

Allowdale Pharlap Euro-Star Index (ICBF)

Allowdale Pharlap

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Allowdale Bula                             Sire: Free Town Baron

DOB:26 May 2009                        Dam: Ballymartin Token

Allowdale Bula Euro-Star Index (ICBF)

Allowdale Bula

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Allowdale Foreman                         Sire: Badlingham Boxer

DOB: 02 July 2009                         Dam: Breaney Amaryll

Allowdale Foreman Euro-Star Index (ICBF)

Allowdale Foreman

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Allowdale Cruz                        Sire: Badlingham Boxer

DOB:03 July 2009                   Dam: Westwood Laura 386TH

Allowdale Cruz Euro-Star Index (ICBF)

Allowdale Cruz

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Allowdale Frazier                        Sire: Badlingham Boxer

DOB: 05 July 2009                     Dam: Breaney Aloise

Allowdale Frazier Euro-Star Index (ICBF)

Allowdale Frazier

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Allowdale Pugilist                            Sire: Badlingham Boxer

DOB:17 August 2009                        Dam: Allowdale Elle

Allowdale Pugilist Euro-Star Index (ICBF)

Allowdale Pugilist

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Allowdale Ali               Sire: Yarram Star General W251(YSG)

DOB:23 August 2009                     Dam: Ballyaville Renata

Allowdale Ali Euro-Star Index (ICBF)

Allowdale Ali

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Allowdale Floyd                           Sire: Badlingham Boxer

DOB:27 August 2009                   Dam: Allowdale Denise

Allowdale Floyd Euro-Star Index (ICBF)

Allowdale Floyd

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Allowdale Woodsman                     Sire: Woodview Sargeant

DOB:05 October 2009                   Dam: Border Pansy V89

Allowdale Woodsman Euro-Star Index (ICBF)

Allowdale Woodsman

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Allowdale Red Baron                     Sire: Free Town Baron

DOB:07 October 2009                   Dam: Free Town Barbara

Allowdale Red Baron Euro-Star Index (ICBF)

Allowdale Red Baron

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Allowdale Spartacus                       Sire: Border General V25

DOB:10 October 2009                   Dam: Ballyaville Sparkle

Allowdale Spartacus Euro-Star Index (ICBF)

Allowdale Spartacus

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Allowdale Manna                      Sire: Badlingham Boxer

DOB:10 October 2009              Dam: Drummurry Curly 72-1

Allowdale Manna Euro-Star Index (ICBF)

Allowdale Manna

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Allowdale Octavian       Sire: Yarram Star General W251(YSG)

DOB:20 October 2009                    Dam: Balleen Millie 2nd

Allowdale Octavian Euro-Star Index (ICBF)

Allowdale Octavian

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Allowdale Alberta          Sire: Yarram Star General W251(YSG)

DOB:15 November 2009                  Dam: Balleen Meave 2

Allowdale Alberta Euro-Star Index (ICBF)

Allowdale Alberta

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Allowdale Undugu             Sire: Yarram Star General W251(YSG)

DOB:20 November 2009                   Dam: Haven Blossom 3rd

Allowdale Undugu Euro-Star Index (ICBF)

Allowdale Undugu

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Allowdale Valentine                               Sire: Trillick Best

DOB:14 February 2008                  Dam : Hazelfield Apple

Allowdale Valentine Euro-Star Index (ICBF) 

Allowdale Valentine

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Allowdale Meringo                         Sire: Ervie Classic S30

DOB: 20 April 2008                       Dam : Breaney Aloise

Allowdale Meringo Euro-Star Index (ICBF) 

Allowdale Meringo

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Allowdale Giovanni                   Sire: Border General V25

DOB: 21 MAY 2008                  Dam : Ballymartin Token

Allowdale Giovanni Euro-Star Index (ICBF) 

Allowdale Giovanni

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Allowdale Espartano                       Sire: Border General V25

DOB:11 June 2008                         Dam : Ballyaville Trena

Allowdale Espartano Euro-Star Index (ICBF) 

Allowdale Espartano

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Allowdale Hyperion                 Sire: Churchill Storm V583, Bowmont Storm A584

DOB:02 August 2008             Dam : Border Buttercup V81

Allowdale Hyperion Euro-Star Index (ICBF) 

Allowdale Hyperion

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Allowdale Trigo                        Sire: Border General V25

DOB:21 August 2008              Dam : Drummury Curly 721

Allowdale Trigo Euro-Star Index (ICBF) 

Allowdale Trigo

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Allowdale Hot Shot                    Sire: Border General V25

DOB: 31 August 2008            Dam : Drummurry Curly 931

Allowdale Hot Shot ICBF Euro

-Star Rating (ICBF) 

Allowdale Hot_Shot

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Allowdale Commando               Sire: Yarrum Pompeii V055

DOB:26 Sept 2008               Dam : Westwood Biddy 101st

Allowdale Commando ICBF Euro

-Star Rating (ICBF) 

Allowdale Commando

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Allowdale Hilltop                      Sire: Tibradden Hilltop

DOB: 26 Sept 2008                  Dam : Ballyaville Sparkle

Allowdale Hilltop Euro-Star Index (ICBF) 

Allowdale Hilltop

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Allowdale Dante                       Sire: Border General V25

DOB:28 September 2008       Dam : Drummurry Curly Casey

Allowdale Dante Euro-Star Index (ICBF) 

Allowdale Dante

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Allowdalepoll 1 Batavia                     Sire: Wiranda Batavia

DOB:21 October 2008                Dam : Geddes 1 Curly 975

Allowdalepoll 1 Batavia Euro-Star Index (ICBF) 

Allowdale Batavia

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Allowdale Obama                      Sire: Border General V25

DOB: 04 Nov 2008                    Dam : Treetop Rosie 1rst

Allowdale Obama Euro-Star Index (ICBF) 

Allowdale Obama

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Allowdale Troytown                          Sire: Meiltron Leisure

DOB:08 November 2008      Dam : Balleen Prettymaid 16th

Allowdale Troytown Euro-Star Index (ICBF) 

Allowdale Troytown

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Allowdale Amerik                      Sire: Lisrace Liberator IV

DOB:24 March 2008                  Dam : Ballyaville Rosabel

Allowdale Amerik Euro-Star Index (ICBF)

Allowdale Amerik

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Allowdale Troy                                  Sire : Kilnagralta Polo

DOB 20-Feb-2007                            Dam: Ballyaville Petal

Allowdale Troy Euro-Star Index (ICBF)

Allowdale Troy
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Allowdale Ferdinand                  Sire: Yarrum Pompeii V055

DOB: 24 March 2007                         Dam : Breaney Aloise

Allowdale Ferdinand Euro-Star Index (ICBF)

Allowdale Ferdinand

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Allowdale Victor                            Sire: Gageboro Samson

DOB: 07 April 2007                       Dam: Ballymartin Trena

Allowdale Victor Euro-Star Index (ICBF)

Allowdale Victor

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Westwood Dealer                    Sire: Ervie Classic Lad W414

DOB: 11 April 2007            Dam: Westwood Lady Pearl 61st

Westwood Dealer Euro-Star Index (ICBF)

Westwood Dealer

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Westwood Dynasty                        Sire: Dieulacresse Ralph

DOB: 11 April 2007                Dam: Westwood Laura 386th

Westwood Dynasty Euro-Star Index (ICBF)

Westwood Dynasty

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Allowdale Sargon                          Sire: Border General V25

DOB:01 September 2007               Dam: Border Queen V21

Allowdale Sargon Euro-Star Index (ICBF)

Allowdale Sargon

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Allowdale Robin Hood                     Sire: Bor Red Robin 2nd

DOB:01 September 2007                Dam: Treetop Rosie 1st

Allowdale Robin Hood Euro-Star Index (ICBF)

Allowdale Robin Hood

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Allowdale Domino                Sire: JNHR 84G BRIT DOM 278J

DOB:14 September 2007          Dam: Border Sunbeam V35

Allowdale Domino Euro-Star Index (ICBF)

Allowdale Domino

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Allowdale Morning Star                  Sire: Westwood Solomon

DOB:16 September 2007              Dam: Free Town Barbara

Allowdale Morning Star Euro-Star Index (ICBF)

Allowdale Ferdinand

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Allowdale Cavalier                       Sire: Drummurry Tippler

DOB: 02 October 2007                 Dam: Ballyaville Renata

Allowdale Cavalier Euro-Star Index (ICBF)

Allowdale Cavalier

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Allowdale Extra                    Sire: Llancillo Hall Benefactor

DOB: 12 October 2007          Dam: Cherrydene Curly A4

Allowdale Extra Euro-Star Index (ICBF)

Allowdale Extra

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Allowdale Tamerlane                 Sire: Yarrum Pompeii V055

DOB:17 October 2007                  Dam : Ballyaville Sparkle

Allowdale Tamerlane Euro-Star Index (ICBF)

Allowdale Tamerlane

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Allowdale Saruman                              Sire: Haven Wizard

DOB:16 November 2007  Dam : Curraghdromin Flower 250th

Allowdale Saruman Euro-Star Index (ICBF)

Allowdale Saruman

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Allowdale Abel                             Sire: Westwood Solomon

DOB:02 November 2007           Dam : Free Town Panorama

Allowdale Abel Euro-Star Index (ICBF)

Allowdale Abel

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Allowdale Caine                            Sire: Westwood Solomon

DOB:02 November 2007           Dam : Free Town Panorama

Allowdale Cain Euro-Star Index (ICBF)

Allowdale Cain

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